Neon Bible interactive video

Neon Bible - Arcade FireOne of my favourite bands at the moment, Arcade Fire, have just released a jaw droppingly brilliant interactive online video to advertise their latest album Neon Bible.

It will take a little time to load, especially for you South Africans, but it is well worth the wait. Make sure you click all over the place to fully engage with the site.

I saw these guys perform at Glastonbury earlier this year and they were absolutely brilliant. They defintely have a winning formula when it comes to engaging with their fans, both online and offline.You want evidence? Check out this video of them performing “Wake Up” (my favourite track) with David Bowie at some awards show. They manage to get a theatre full of snotty nosed Hollywood celebs up on their feet and screaming.

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  1. Lil Brother Avatar
    Lil Brother

    Agree bru – knew about them for a while – since 2005, theyr class! Must buy your poor student brother a copy of the new cd over there maybe??!

  2. Hey bro. You would throw in the 2005 chirp. I might not be as quick as you on the uptake, but I’m one up on you with seeing them live! Quality.

    I’ll have a think about getting the poor student a copy.

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