The Big Change

A couple months ago I was introduced to the South African journalist, media analyst and commentator on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Arthur Goldstuck by Ramon Thomas. I was asked if I would like to get involved with the branding of Arthur Goldstuck’s new blog, The Big Change.

The Big Change

The Big Change has been around since 2001 in the form of an e-newsletter. The e-newsletter focuses on business strategy and technology and is authored by numerous well qualified business executives. It has a considerable amount of subscribers and the aim is to now use the wordpress blogging platform to further enhance the readership and subscriber interaction.

Arthur requested a logo and blog design that was clear and crisp with a technology feel to it, presented neatly in a Web 2.0 format. The end result was a widget enabled, 3 column, Techcrunch meets Engadget layout. (I hope that best describes it.)

Arthur was a great client to work for and gave me complete creative freedom over the layout, no restrictions.

Head on over to Arthur’s site and have a read over some of the great locally produced content.

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  1. Very clean, I like the white space on it. Did you use a basic WP theme to start with, or was it designed from the ground up for Arthur?

  2. Glad ya like it Hash. It was based somewhat on my own theme design actually, I copied some of the grid structure code. Originally my theme was based on the theme Grid Focus. A lovely neat 3 column theme. I had to rework the theme quite considerably though to make it widget enabled.

  3. Very impressive, I automatically checked credits when I saw the Big Change blog for the first time. Its clean and on point. Clutter free too.

  4. Thanks Omodudu. Glad you like the design. I see your a big fan of less-is-more. Love your logo font.

  5. I your content ..

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