Happy New Year!

It’s been 3 and a bit weeks since my last post. Eeekk.

Since then I’ve been to Mpumalanga for a wonderful Christmas break and spent a few days in the middle of the African bush with first, second and third cousins. The time was spent on open land rovers searching the bush for game, braaing/barbequeing heaps of meat, swimming in a pool overlooking a river bed frequented by all sorts of buck, playing poker, and drinking beer watching the most amazing African sunsets.

The break was much appreciated and I think I am now ready for another turbo charged year of work and travels in Europe. One thing this break has proven to me is that we live in an amazingly beautiful, vibrant country that I cannot wait to return to once I have achieved my goals in the UK this year.

I do promise to update this blog more frequently, both with design related stories and personal journeys. Just please be patient and bear with me, I have a little over a week left in Cape Town and I plan to enjoy my time here whilst squeezing in some website design work.

I’ll leave you with a couple of the many photos i snapped on my holiday (the full set will be posted on Flickr upon my return to the UK). These were taken at an elephant training camp near the game farm i was staying at. The elephants have been taken from the surrounding game farms that are overpopulated and are faced with the gloomy reality of having to cull.  Instead, they are being gently and skillfully trained to take guided tours through game farms and even sniff out unwanted poachers. I’ll post the full story soon.

EFAF Elephant

EFAF Elephant and trainer

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  1. Enjoy the rest of your time in South Africa, Mark. Happy New Year!


  2. Good to see you back on the blok Mr F ! Can’t wait to see the rest of those photos..enjoy the last week !


  3. Hi Mark, will you be attending the Jan 27Dinner in Johannesburg (or will you be in the UK)? I would love to have a talk about Afrigator…

  4. Hey Bernard. Unfortunately I’m back on mud island already so won’t be at the jhb meet on the 27th. I’m sure Justin and Mike will be there representing Afrigator so definitely get hold of them when you go.

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