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I have been flooded with work this past week, and haven’t found anytime to write anything of importance, instead I found some good reading elsewhere. Please excuse the rather lazy post, but I hope the links below provide you with some entertainment. Hey it is friday after all.


Creating a fantastic fantasy night sky in photoshop

I can’t believe I haven’t found this site before. PSDTuts is FreelanceSwitch‘s sister site and brings you some quality photoshop tutorials, presented beautifully. I’ve visited a lot of photoshop tutorial sites before, but this one teaches you things you actually want to know – current design trends.

A rookie guide to digital SLR cameras

There comes a time in every point-and-shooter’s life when he or she wonders if there is more to photography than a palm-sized block of aluminum stowed away in one’s pocket.” If that is you then take a read over Mike Davidson’s great post. Mike informs you of exactly what you should be thinking about when in the process of purchasing a SLR camera.

How camera lens are made

This National Geographic video clip captures the entire production process, from it being a block of optical glass to the end product, ready for delivery. It is quite fascinating how much time and energy is involved in creating one. This link is probably only suited for those with a keen interest in photography.

12 Reasons why it is great to be a South African in 2008

A great and humorous post written by Fred of the Ideate clan explaining to the rest of the world why it is so great to be a South African. For example –

1. We have the best names in the world
Some examples: Have-A-Look Dube, Naughty Mokoena, Scot Scott… and my personal favourite Psychology Cebekhulu. Beautiful.

The Mysterious Ticking Noise

I can’t stand Harry Potter but this video is pretty funny, probably because I appreciate the ending so much.

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  1. i love PSDTuts. learned a lot from that site. And the Potter vid was priceless.

    PS. Happy Birthday!

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