Future of Web Design 2008

Last year I wrote a detailed post on my thoughts on Future of Web Design 2007, and what a great success I thought it was. On friday last week I attended Future of Web Design 2008.

This year’s conference was just as good, a perfectly organised, well attended, informative web design geek gathering. I’m not going to try and blog about each and every presentation I saw by the distinguished guest speaker list, instead I am going to point you in the direction of Jeremy Keith’s blog where somehow he managed to live blog just about every presentation. My hat goes off to people like Jeremy who have mastered the art of multi-tasking, something I have accepted I will never be very good at.

My favourite presentations where

  1. The User Experience Curve by Andy Budd.
  2. Print is the New Web by Elliot Jay Stocks. Elliot’s slides are avaliable here.
  3. From Design to Deployment by Jon Hicks. Jon’s slides and source files used in the presentation are avaliable on his site here.
  4. Iteration and You by Daniel Burka – Digg.com.

The only thing I can fault the conference on this year was the quite random game of Photoshop Layer Tennis which I was looking forward to and rushed back from lunch for. Andy Clarke commentated on a game between Jon Hicks and Elliot Jay Stocks vs Jina Bolton and Hannah Donovan. It just seemed a bit of a waste of valuable conference time. Instead I would have probably prefered a panel debate on some controversial web design topic.

The after party was held in a club around the corner from the conference centre and was great fun, until the free drink ran out and it cost me £18 pounds for a round of 3 beers.

All in all a most enjoyable day and I look forward to my next Carsonified conference.

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