Matchbox Twenty – Live at Wembley Arena

Matchbox Twenty - Wembley Arena

Seeing my last live gig post went down so well, and made so many of you green with envy, I thought I’d do it again and share with you my latest experience – Matchbox Twenty live at Wembley Arena.

Last I heard Rob Thomas, MT20’s lead singer, had started a successful solo career and Matchbox Twenty was no more, that obviously wasn’t the case, as Matchbox Twenty were very much together when I saw them last Thursday. They have also been working on a new album, Exile on Mainstream, after nearly five years since their last one. It seems like they have patched things up and are happily making music again.

Back to the concert, it was much bigger and less intimate than Dashboard Confessional last month, but their live performance was outstanding. I don’t know many bands that perform a live act, with their songs sounding like they had been performed in a recording studio.

A great night out, with all my favourite tracks being performed (Push, and 3AM) reminding me of my high school days and their new stuff, like “How far we’ve come“.

The best thing about the concert was that you could take the whole experience home on a wristband. That’s right, after the concert you could buy the live recording of the performance we have just seen and heard on a USB wristband. I don’t know how they managed to publish the mp3s onto so many USB drives in such a short space of time, but they did. And it sounds great.

If you can get past the hand-held, Blair Witch style cinematography start to my video you might just enjoy one of the highlights of my night.

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