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I recently designed some new business cards with my updated contact details and business ventures on it. I twittered a question asking for a good print service here in the UK and I got a few replies all saying I must try seemlessly retrieves photos from your Flickr account and allows you to use them on your business cards, mini cards, greeting cards, stickers or note cards at the click of a few buttons. You can also upload directly to Moo or retrieve photos from Facebook. It’s that easy.

Using their simple text editing tool you can write some details on the back of your cards and insert another image. You can really go to town. I spent a good few hours creating some nice collage shots of portfolio pieces that I used for the front of my cards.

10 pounds and only a few days later my 50 business cards arrived in a nice cardboard card holder. The print quality was excellent.

Mark Forrester's Moo Business Cards

Mark Forrester's Moo Business Cards

I am extremely happy with my cards and am sure I wil be using their services again.


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  1. They look great! Congrats.

    A few weeks back I did some moo cards for the new biz and when I heard they were now doing biz cards I was intrigued. Sounds like we’ll go through them for our biz cards as well soon.

  2. I’ve been using the mini-cards for a while and have been very happy with them. Not only is the service top-notch, but I like that you can use different photos/images for each card.

  3. I’ve got some minicards, and looking at your business cards I’ll pretty soon have some of those too. They look great.

  4. They look really good!

    I’ve used their mini-cards and will definately use them again. When I first received my mini-cards the quality was a bit rubbish (it was my mistake – I uploaded a low-res file accidently) but they still sent me out some new ones for free.

    Great service!

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