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You might have heard? MTV and HP have teamed up to bring 4 teams of digital artists from around the world to New York City to compete in a series of creative challenges. The winning team takes home $400,000USD in cash plus HP gear.

I love the concept of this show and will definitely be following it, especially seeing it will all be broadcasted online @

Where is Team Africa though?

Yet again why has Africa been forgotten? There’s load of creative minds in deepest, darkest Africa!

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  1. Lil brother Avatar
    Lil brother

    And why aren’t you on team africa? We could split that 400 000 50/50! Just you and me bru!

  2. Sick Sick Sick… I can definitely think of more than 4 creative South Africans who could compete on a serious level…

    A couple that come to mind include Jannes Hendriks, Mine Jonker, Ree Treweek, Ed Babb, Khayalethu Mtshali, Chris Kronk, Anwar McWhite , Gregg Coppen, Angella Coppen, Wes Van Eeden, Senyol, Warren Lewis, Faith 47, Claudio Pavan and Lyndon Daniels to name but a few…

    I would like to see a team made up of any of those ppl cleaning up with some true African inspired creativity… TEAM AFRICA!!

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