The month that was

It looks like it may be time for a blog post seeing I have been quiet for just over a month now. I’m currently not freezing cold, as per usual, in my London abode, but enjoying the sun in Cape Town, South Africa.

A little over a week ago I was sipping beer, eating loads of red meat and driving open-top landrovers, without any game rangers or protection, around a beautiful private game park near the Kruger Park. We stumbled across a herd of elephant, twice, had a rhino almost charge us and sat smack bang between a big lion and it’s cubs the other side of the “road”. I should also mention our landrover was about 40 years old and would not start on numerous occasions, including the rhino and lion incidents. We also were lucky enough to see a cheetah, as well as all the usual sightings of zebra, giraffe and buck.

From there I flew back to Cape Town and within a couple days was in the seaside town of Hermanus, where my fiance and I plan to marry in February next year. We went to Hermanus to view the reception venue for the first time since we booked it four months ago. To our surprise the reception venue resembled a building site and our venue is now half the size. After a frantic couple days and numerous visits to various restaurants and hotels we have fortunately secured a new, even more beautiful, venue in the vineyards above Hermanus.

In between all the stress, and relaxation, of this trip I have met with the Gator Mob and scheduled a few days work in their new headquarters next week to work on some exciting Afrigator enhancements. I also look forward to a few days of work in the Radiiate offices to work on WooThemes with my business partner Adii.

I’m in Cape Town until the 24th November, such are the joys of being self-employed and online-based. I’ve had quite a few online peeps request to meet up whilst I am here so I hope to organise a drinks evening one evening in the next couple weeks.

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  1. huh, lovely place and lovely relaxation place..:) amazing..

  2. We must definitely meet up sometime before you leave! Would be great to meet the Forrester in person. 😉

  3. Di, Bren and Tony Avatar
    Di, Bren and Tony

    “Sipping” beer???!!!! Where are all the other photos???
    Good photo of the ellies.

  4. Bryce lloyd Avatar
    Bryce lloyd

    Digging the Elllies !

  5. You certainly picked a beautiful place for your wedding, and lucky you to be on holiday right now I am green with envy. Enjoy your time in Cape Town

  6. Ryan Shelton Avatar
    Ryan Shelton

    Looks amazing Mark. Enjoy the sunshine while you can 😉

  7. ah the bushveld, lived 20minutes from the Kruger Park for 9 years, good memories!

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