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Today WooThemes launched Foreword Thinking, a theme I designed in photoshop a while back, but something only this last week I have had the time to finish off and WordPresserize. Its packed full of theme options, custom widgets and styles to really make this theme your own! Find out more about this theme on the WooThemes blog.

It’s available for purchase, and if you haven’t heard already we are running a 2-for-1 offer (expired) at WooThemes, which means you can get this theme for only $70 and still be entitled to any other of our commercial WordPress themes.

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  1. Beautiful theme!

  2. I really like that new theme and the new TubeTheme… this first quarter is looking really nice!

    I hope you do another wooContest thing again down the road because that looked like a ton of fun!

    I wanted to ask you, since you are a pro at this, if you had any recommendations for learning how to create a theme for wordpress… I have created/designed sites before using PS and DW, but I want to take a crack at doing one for wordpress and wondered if you had any possible resources to help me out. =)

    Many thanks,

  3. Hi Scott

    Glad you like our themes and that you are using a WooTheme for your website 🙂

    I recommend you take a look at WP Designer for a great set of tutorials on how to create your own wordpress theme.

    Bare in mind these tutorials were written some time ago so some of the template tags and php code may be slightly out of date.

    Of course WordPress has some great documentation to:

    Hopefully these links will help you on your way to developing your first theme. Good luck 🙂

  4. Lil brother Avatar
    Lil brother

    So I tell my marketing tutor how cool my brother is with his trendy blog and he adds you on to his rss feed or whatever and then you dont update for a year… zzz

  5. I would like to know if this theme is internationalized? Hope it is, so i wont have to do that. My boss wants to buy it from woo themes.

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