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It’s been so long since I actually wrote anything on my blog it feels like I’m writing my first blog post again. 2009 has got off to a flying start, hence this is only the second post I’ve published in it.

On the 7th February 2009, in the beautiful sea side town of Hermanus, on a hot summer day, my then fiance, Xenia, and myself got married in front of all our closest family and friends. The day will certainly go down as one of our most memorable, even though it felt like some what of a blur.

The wedding was followed by a few lazy days overlooking the idyllic Camps Bay beach front in Cape Town, and then a week in Mauritius, vegging on beach loungers, sipping pina coladas in the blistering heat.

It was a tough life.

Now unfortunately I’m back to a FEW degrees cooler London, England working on some exciting Woo adventures.

So that’s the month and a bit that was and now you can HOPEFULLY expect a more frequent blogging routine from me.

P.S. I hope everyone noticed the pimping 1973 Cadillac Eldorado we arrived at our wedding reception in.

P.P.S. One day I will own one.

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  1. Congrats …. and welcome back! 🙂

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