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Got 10 minutes to spare? Even if you don’t watch this video – shot and narrated by photographer Zack Arias. A story with a much deeper message than just the struggles of a photographer comparing himself to others.

As Kyle Steed wrote:

I came across this video this week and it inspired the crap out of me

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  1. Aaron M. Avatar
    Aaron M.

    Truer words were never spoken.

    Perfectionism is a cruel mistress. Sometimes, I stop and wonder why I’m so hurried to get to no where. I tell myself “If you really want to perfect your art, then put words into action and stop playing games. MAKE it happen.”

    You can either like the idea of being an artist, or BE an artist. The former is merely wishful thinking and nothing productive ever comes of it. But the latter is what our strive is all about. We understand that perfection can never be reached, but at the same time, we’ll never stop to try to better ourselves; we always question our worth and value, and to think or believe in any other way is impossible.

  2. Beautiful stuff, as a person who is always comparing myself to the “jones’s” I believe the power is to be had in doing, if someone judges you on your poor result well so be it, at least you had a go and made a something happen.
    Many a great thing happens in the process of doing and not dreaming about perfection.

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  3. BEAUTIFUL!!! site design. man. i wish i was HALF as good as this. 😀 I officially love you nao 😀

  4. I really enjoyed the blog

    If I take care not to promote my new blog where I expose my drawings
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  5. I fight this same disease everyday. Constantly comparing myself with other designers and artists. So much so that I forget what I have and how privileged I am to make a living of what I love to do. I am ashamed and humbled by this video clip. Thanks for sharing Mark.

  6. I wish I could make a living of what I love to do.

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