Since my last post around 9 months ago my personal life has been dramatically re-designed. My wife and I moved out of our very comfortable sea-facing flat, bought and drastically renovated a house in suburbia, and a month ago had a baby son called Maximilian, all the while I’ve been hugely busy at WooThemes which has been growing exponentially.

I’ve been in two minds what to share on my site lately, that’s when and if I found the time, now with the realisation that my child might one day stumble on it! My archive of posts is an assortment of personal journeys, snippets of online entertainment and sweet nothings. All of which makes for quite a conundrum in deciding what direction I should now take with my site and should I start afresh…

I decided the best starting point in getting me back on my feet was to re-design my site. I’ve minimised the theme styling, going for a responsive layout, and included a strong focus on Twitter and Instagram on the homepage, as most the time it is much easier to micro document the activities I want to share on these platforms.

I decided to keep my archive, albeit it’s volatility, as it captures my maturity as a designer, and the internet as a whole since 2005. I like to think of it as a time capsule, not one that Max might find entirely interesting, but one that and can be tweaked and re-engineered over time.

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  1. Site is looking great since the redesign! Looking forward to some new content 🙂

    1. Thanks for the help with the php wizardry!

  2. Magnus Avatar

    Site looking the way I like it 🙂

    Very nice picture of Zen and Max also!

    Only thing I would change is remove the box shadow on comments and button, since you don’t have it anywhere else 😉 Consistency is king.

    1. Thanks!

      Hadn’t got around to styling the comments properly, but removed the shadows. Agreed it looks better, and on the consistency!

  3. Andrew Schär Avatar
    Andrew Schär

    Looks epic! Love the neat styling! 🙂

  4. Looks awesome, love the responsive layout. Always super impressed with the work you and the rest of the WooThemes crew do. Congrats on your son.

  5. Brilliant and very inspirational. Might just follow suit.

  6. Josh Read Avatar
    Josh Read

    Mark, the site looks awesome! Congrats all around on the site, success, son and remodel!

  7. The design is very simple but attractive…… Nice work!

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