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I have a folder on my desktop called “WooLove”.

As the name suggest it includes screen grabs of sometimes momentous, sometimes funny, sometimes not so funny, Hipchat conversations, photos of the team as we grow and do crazy things, interesting Skype calls we’ve found ourselves on and noteworthy submissions on our internal P2 site.

My “WooLove” folder is to ensure I remember all the little moments and moving parts that make up our business. It’s for my personal enjoyment and reflection (which is hugely important when looking forward) and something I hope I can one day print and plaster on my home office walls – showing the great ride WooThemes continues to take us on.

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  1. I absolutely love the thought in this. It’s great to keep photos of general life, but there’s so much more in passing conversations that we can look back on and learn from. Think I’ll start my own.

    1. Do it. There are probably apps you can use, like Evernote, but I like the simplicity of this method.

  2. That’s a great idea!

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