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Today is a pretty exciting day for the Afrigator team. We can finally announce something that we have been working passionately towards for the past 2 years now – that being an investment partner who can help take Afrigator to the next level with a reach of a much bigger African audience.

Afrigator Acquired

MIH Print Africa, a division of Naspers, have secured a majority stake in Afrigator. The exciting news is that Justin and Stii will be relocating to the South African tech epicenter of Cape Town (or as some prefer to call it Silicon Cape) working from the swanky new Afrigator headquarters with our first official employee, Product Manager Lester Hein. Mike and myself will still be working very closely with the Afrigator team. Expect to see lots happening over the coming months.

Charl Norman got the scoop this morning and wrote a great post over on Bandwidth Blog. Also see the Afrigator blog for the official press release.

More News covering the acquisition:

To my team – I look forward to finally toasting to our success, in person, during my visit in late October. Congrats guys!

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  1. Congrats, Markus! Very exciting stuff.

  2. Congratualtions!

    You said leave a comment, so here you go!

  3. It’s weird seeing my name on this many in one day. And I haven’t even met the whole Afrigator team yet!

    Looking forward to meeting you soon,


  4. Congrats! That is great news for both yourself and the users of Afrigator. I am looking forward to seeing bigger and better things now 🙂

  5. Thats really good news! Hope it keeps going well!

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