Soundtracks and Comebacks

I’m a big fan on the jazz musos from Cape Town, South Africa, that are taking the world by storm with their exciting live, African flavoured, electronica acts – Goldfish. Courtesy of a link from SA Rocks this afternoon I discovered their latest music video for “Soundtracks and Comebacks”, animated by Mike Scott of Bru […]

The actual end result

My last post entitled “The end result” seems to have caused some what of a stir. The wallpaper I designed for the post is based on a powerful, iconic photo by Michael Yon (see the photo on the home page of his site), an independent war photographer embedded in Iraq. The photo is entitled “Strength […]

The end result

For this wallpaper design I found an iconic photo of a US soldier holding the body of a fatally wounded baby. I find this photo extremely powerful, it sums up the monstrosity of war in a single fraction of a second.

SA Rocks Badge Design Entry

I’m very proud of my Superman underpants I got in my Christmas stocking last year. I feel like a super hero when I am wearing them. When Nic told me about the SA Rocks Badge Design competition I thought I could use my superman jocks inspiration and design a badge bloggers are proud to “wear” […]

Being an African. In London.

Seems like a lot of Saffas that you speak to over here in London are here for one common reason, to earn pounds. Isn’t there more to London than that? I hope so because I’m earning rands. This wallpaper I designed is just a play on that trial of thought.

Free Wallpaper

I designed this wallpaper in Photoshop. I used the “Clouds” effect (that I spoke about in my tutorial a couple weeks back), combined with some great plantlife brushes, and some lighting effects. The wallpaper is 1280 X 1024 in size, and downloadable from Flickr.

Some Digital Fun

Whilst most of you in South Africa were enjoying a public holiday yesterday, I was sitting in London, minus a VPN connection. An error had occurred and no one was in the Cape Town office to re-connect me. Which meant no work. Damn. So I spent a bit of time playing with a combination of […]

Kodak moments

I haven’t posted any digital art for a while now, so I thought I would post a couple of photos that I took up in Kruger that I thought came out quite nicely. The one of the vultures has been manipulated, I used an aerial shot of some vultures flying and a shot of them […]