Soundtracks and Comebacks

I’m a big fan on the jazz musos from Cape Town, South Africa, that are taking the world by storm with their exciting live, African flavoured, electronica acts – Goldfish.

Courtesy of a link from SA Rocks this afternoon I discovered their latest music video for “Soundtracks and Comebacks”, animated by Mike Scott of Bru and Boegie.

I used to visit Bru and Boegie almost daily and then, all of a sudden, somehow managed to completely forget about the site. After seeing what Mike has been up to animating music videos, winning t-shirt design contests and even developing a new kids show, I am hugely impressed. Great to see him getting recognized and growing from strength to strength. I’ve most certainly bookmarked the site now.

The actual end result

My last post entitled “The end result” seems to have caused some what of a stir. The wallpaper I designed for the post is based on a powerful, iconic photo by Michael Yon (see the photo on the home page of his site), an independent war photographer embedded in Iraq. The photo is entitled “Strength and Compassion” and the imagery is that of a fatally wounded baby girl being held by a US soldier after a car bomb explosion in the city of Mosul, 225 miles north west of Baghdad.

For the design, I cut out the composition from it’s original background and carefully drew the soldier’s legs into the image. The end result was a vector sketch filled with a palette of camouflage colours. The wallpaper was available for download.

The end result

For this wallpaper design I found an iconic photo of a US soldier holding the body of a fatally wounded baby. I find this photo extremely powerful, it sums up the monstrosity of war in a single fraction of a second.

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SA Rocks Badge Design Entry

I’m very proud of my Superman underpants I got in my Christmas stocking last year. I feel like a super hero when I am wearing them.

When Nic told me about the SA Rocks Badge Design competition I thought I could use my superman jocks inspiration and design a badge bloggers are proud to “wear” on their site. Proudly telling the world that SA Rocks their underpants! Jon Hicks came up with a similar badge idea for the Britpack, a bunch of UK web designers (and you thought the SA Blogosphere was cliquey!).

The badge design I came up with comes in a very colourful version, and a toned down version. I wasn’t quite sure which one i preferred so I have posted them both. Different strokes for different folks.

SA Rocks Badge Design Competition

Give me your thoughts on the design.


As requested by Lorissa and Hollywoodgal we now have a “sexy pants” badge!

SA Rocks Badge Design Competition

A special thanks to The Granny Wrangler who sacrificed her friday night with Muppet playing bridge to design some pokerdot pants.

Herewith a little jpeg simply as a token of TGW’s support for you winning the competition.

Granny Wrangler's Knickers of support

Being an African. In London.

Being an African in London

Seems like a lot of Saffas that you speak to over here in London are here for one common reason, to earn pounds. Isn’t there more to London than that?

I hope so because I’m earning rands.

This wallpaper I designed is just a play on that trial of thought.

Rainbow Fairy

My latest wallpaper design was inspired by the latest cover of .NET magazine. I loved the colourful, jagged rainbow shape.

Click on the image to go to my Flickr space to download the 1280 X 1024 wallpaper.

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Free Wallpaper

Solider by Night

I designed this wallpaper in Photoshop. I used the “Clouds” effect (that I spoke about in my tutorial a couple weeks back), combined with some great plantlife brushes, and some lighting effects.

The wallpaper is 1280 X 1024 in size, and downloadable from Flickr.

Some Digital Fun

Digital Farm Digital Art: T-Rex

Whilst most of you in South Africa were enjoying a public holiday yesterday, I was sitting in London, minus a VPN connection. An error had occurred and no one was in the Cape Town office to re-connect me. Which meant no work. Damn. So I spent a bit of time playing with a combination of Photoshop and Freehand.

I know most people think “playing” with Photoshop and Freehand sounds like the epitomy of boredom. But unfortunately the truth is I get a bit of a kick out of it. What a loser!

I actually sourced the T-Rex sketch on the internet, vectorized it in Freehand, and added a bit of colour. I’m quite pleased with the end result.

Anyways, if you like the graphic and want it is a desktop wallpaper, just click here to grab it from my Flickr account.

Kodak moments

I haven’t posted any digital art for a while now, so I thought I would post a couple of photos that I took up in Kruger that I thought came out quite nicely. The one of the vultures has been manipulated, I used an aerial shot of some vultures flying and a shot of them perched on a tree. The sunset shot has not been edited whatsoever. Man I wish I was still there. See more of my photos at flickr.

Vultures at duskSunset Dam, Lower Sabie