SA Rocks Badge Design Entry

I’m very proud of my Superman underpants I got in my Christmas stocking last year. I feel like a super hero when I am wearing them.

When Nic told me about the SA Rocks Badge Design competition I thought I could use my superman jocks inspiration and design a badge bloggers are proud to “wear” on their site. Proudly telling the world that SA Rocks their underpants! Jon Hicks came up with a similar badge idea for the Britpack, a bunch of UK web designers (and you thought the SA Blogosphere was cliquey!).

The badge design I came up with comes in a very colourful version, and a toned down version. I wasn’t quite sure which one i preferred so I have posted them both. Different strokes for different folks.

SA Rocks Badge Design Competition

Give me your thoughts on the design.


As requested by Lorissa and Hollywoodgal we now have a “sexy pants” badge!

SA Rocks Badge Design Competition

A special thanks to The Granny Wrangler who sacrificed her friday night with Muppet playing bridge to design some pokerdot pants.

Herewith a little jpeg simply as a token of TGW’s support for you winning the competition.

Granny Wrangler's Knickers of support


21 responses to “SA Rocks Badge Design Entry”

  1. Tripeak: I’d love to do more concepts, it was good fun. However, time is a scarce resource at the moment.

    GW: Those are authentic boffin jocks, of the highest quality.

    I think I’ll take the “local is lekker” text off the small copy, should it be chosen.

  2. Love it! I really like the less-toned down version. I wouldn’t mind a more girlie version as well, where the underpants are more panty-like. I know time is scarce though.

    I know I’d be proud to have this on my site!

  3. Hey Lorissa, love your idea of a “girlie” version. I’ll try update the post with a girlie badge as soon as I find the time. Thanks for popping by.

  4. I thought you might have something to say GW.

    How about you incorporate the SA colours into your lovely polka-dot underwear design? Then I’ll chuck it in my photoshop template, use some girly colours in the background and shazaam!

    A Granny Wrangler – Digital Farm mash up!

  5. Now if the underpants were bulging that would give more meaning to the tag-line!

    And it might be interpreted to say something about SA men.

    But maybe you were being subtle and PC…

  6. Mark,

    Those are great and exactly what SA bloggers need – a bit of fun. Especially now with all this crap going on about the blog awards… Sheesh, you must be glad that you’re in the rainy UK, skipping all of this… (Wait I said rainy, right? Pretty darn hot and sunny down here in Stellenbosch…)

    Out, Adii

  7. itisthequestion: I’m always subtle and PC 🙂

    Adii: That was the idea, to bring a bit of light humour to the SA blogosphere.

    Do all you Capetonians have to bring up the weather when you comment! I’ll make sure I rub it when its 30 degrees in London everyday, and light till 10.30pm. Thats only a couple months away 🙂

    Hollywoodgal: Thanks for stopping by, and congrats on winning “Best Overseas Blog”. The girlie version should be up by Monday so feel free to use it.

  8. Mark, I heard it from you first! Thank you for letting me know about how The Hollywood Reporter did. I’m stoked. And can’t wait for your badge. Enjoy your weekend….

  9. Love it! Thanks so much Mark. My vote is definitely for this submission. Whether you win or not, I’d love to grab one of these to put on my site.

  10. Thanks Lorissa. I’ll make sure the badge is made available either way. Maybe a slightly different tag line should it not be chosen 🙂

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