Category: Personal Ramblings

  • Selati

    The Selati Game Reserve is a 27 000 ha private reserve we’re fortunate to regularly visit. This lush green trip was with some good friends in late March. P.S. Loved discovering a serendipitous moment shared between an elephant and a butterfly in my footage!

  • Mataffin

    Last week we celebrated the life of my grandpa on the farm where he was born and died 93 years later. Seeing the farm from high above highlights the changing landscape of Nelspruit. It’s amazing to see how the farm has shaped the city’s growth. Being on the farm brought back wonderful childhood memories of […]

  • Legacy

    Today you breathed your last breath and said farewell to a world so very different to the one you entered 93 years ago. Yet you died on the farm, only meters away from the very same house you were born. You were our heroic grandfather, and great grandfather – the finest and most dignified of […]

  • Vermaaklikheid

    Last weekend was spent on the river with friends, and a growing number of our offspring. I always find it hard to believe that this beautiful wild landscape is only a four hour drive from Cape Town.

  • Chasing adventure slowly

    I don’t know who was more keen to get a “safari car”. Max, my nearly 5 year old, or me. Max developed a very rare talent, at a very early age. He has the remarkable ability to identify a “safari car”, otherwise known as a Land Rover Defender, if it even enters his distant periphery. For Max a safari […]

  • 6 months with Malakai

    These past 6 months have been a whirlwind. A work trip to Germany and then Canada. A very noisy, messy house renovation. And 3 months of “colic”, that was fortunately followed by another 3 months getting to know a gentle, happy, smiling little Malakai.

  • The Emirates first class experience

    In November 2014, from Cape Town to San Francisco, I was miraculously upgraded to fly first class. On not one, but two long haul flights via Dubai. A total of over 20 hours in a flying palace. It was an incredibly surreal and scarily opulent experience. It was my first (and only) time flying Emirates […]

  • Grand Meetup 2016

    The craziness of the Automattic Grand Meetup is now behind us. An action packed week of workshops, classes, town halls, flash talks, team building activities and tasty meals over good conversation with new work colleagues. It really is a surreal week. Throughout it you are completely overwhelmed by the scale of it all – borderline […]

  • Taking a gondola to work

    This week I’m at the Automattic Grand Meetup in Whistler, Canada. We are nearly 500 co-workers from all corners of the world congregating for one week of the year in one place. Today I’m at the top of Whistler mountain working on a WooCommerce town hall presentation and discussing a 3 year plan for our division. Just […]

  • From commercial themes to the fastest growing eCommerce platform

    In late May I got to travel to Seville, Spain to attend and speak at WordCamp Europe 2015. It was a boiling hot few days filled with lots of WordPress learnings, tasty Spanish food, and meeting many new community folk and colleagues at Automattic. In my talk I spoke quite candidly about our journey as WooThemes […]