A garden visitor

Jealous of Edward (named by my boys). Lockdown doesn’t apply to spotted eagle owls. Grateful for his extended visit (most of yesterday).

I hope he returns.

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Last week we got featured on Apple’s official @instagram account! “We” actually referring to my son – I just snapped the photo. He choreographed it.

It’s kind of mind bending to quantify a feature like this. The world’s largest company featuring a photo I took. On a social account they only post one photo a day. To an audience of 13,5 million followers. ūü§Į

It was a fascinating behind-the-scenes glimpse into how these monster media accounts are managed. And of course the lives of InstaCelebs and social behaviour. So far the photo has had nearly 250k likes.

Supercars in the Dolomites

What a month August was. Driving Audi R8 spyders around the South Tyrol region. An Audi experience tour that included German autobahn, the Italian Dolomites and some of the most beautiful Austrian Alps mountain passes.

A trip I shall never forget, and roads I hope to return to… in a more family friendly wagon.

My little documentarian

  • I ūüėć that he shares my passion for photography.
  • I ūüė® that he is holding my @leica_camera.
  • I ūü§Į that this is an auto-edit film, created by the @djiglobal app!
Taken with my iPhone X using the DJI Osmo Mobile 2. Video made auto-magically with the DJI Go app auto-edit feature.

Taken by my talented six year old ‚Üď

Hermanus views

What to do when the kids are sleeping. Drone missions.

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What incredible vision – to turn an old grain silo into a mesmerizingly creative repository of African art.

‚úÖ Annual membership card. Be back soon.

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Last week we celebrated the life of my grandpa on the farm where he was born and died 93 years later. Seeing the farm from high above highlights the changing landscape of Nelspruit. It’s amazing to see how the farm has shaped the city’s growth.

Being on the farm brought back wonderful childhood memories of adventurous, outdoor holidays. As one mighty tree fell, we planted another in remembrance.

Selati giraffe

I took a lot of photos on my recent trip to the bush. But this one is my favourite.

I love the lush, warm colors of the dense bush this time of year. Coupled with a giraffe on his own mission, not interested in posing for the camera.

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I went droning in Mauritius

In the spirit of trying to adventure more, coupled with¬†a personal challenge¬†to capture, create, and actually publish more content, I’ve made a short edit of our family holiday (family not included in the video…) to Mauritius.

I’m completely amazed what can be achieved with an iPhone, a GoPro, and a very smart drone. I almost edited this video on my phone¬†to try and prove a point to myself, but got a little frustrated and retreated back to¬†Final Cut Pro.

That said, it’s entirely possible and wildly¬†addictive creating¬†stories from a trifecta of pocket sized devices. 2017 is rad.

Atlantis mission

Today Yolandi went on her first dune bashing adventure to the Atlantis sand dunes. With a partner in crime –¬†Green African‘s Discovery Sport.

We made a few rookie errors. Namely tyre pressure, and a pretty late start to the mission. When they say¬†midday sun removes¬†most dune shadows they’re telling the truth. This means for some sudden stops at the top of some hairy drops.

We both got stuck a couple times, and lost. Not knowing what was around the next corner. It was great, sometimes nervy fun though, and I look forward to more practice soon.

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