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  • Video conferencing gadgetry

    I’ve recently become a little obsessed over my video conferencing setup and the quality of my streams. I spend quite a bit of my week in online meetings with the various teams I work with – usually on Zoom, Google Hangouts or FaceTime . I thought a couple of my recent gadgetry additions might be […]

  • The Internet of Woo Things

    I was unable to attend WooConf 2016, held in Austin, Texas with the arrival of Malakai in March. Luckily there is a fantastic video archive of all the WooConf presentations. Bryce Adams, one of Woo’s very own developers gave an interactive and eye opening presentations of the future of WooCommerce and what can be achieved using it’s open […]

  • Experimenting with Canon 7d video

    Once I purchased my Canon 7D in October last year I knew it would be the start of a new hideous lens and camera accessories addiction. I purchased my first prime lens – the Canon 50mm 1.4f in December to experiment with more portrait photography. Love it. However, I find myself currently fascinated by the new infinite possibilities of videography with the 7D and more wide angled lens.

  • My latest toy

    I’ve had my Canon 350D for about 3 years now, and it’s served me well, but it was getting tired.

    As I’ve developed more and more of an interest in photography I’ve been looking for an upgrade. Since the launch of the Canon 5D Mark II I’ve been saving pennies to get hold of it. It’s a SIGNIFICANT upgrade. Then the Canon 7d was released.

  • MIH Print Africa feeds the Afrigator

    Today is a pretty exciting day for the Afrigator team. We can finally announce something that we have been working passionately towards for the past 2 years now – that being an investment partner who can help take Afrigator to the next level with a reach of a much bigger African audience. MIH Print Africa, […]

  • Turbo charged

    I am proud to say I am no longer a Windows LG notebook user, I’ve converted to the dark side and am now turbo charged with a Leopard Macbook Pro. I’ve spent the past week painstakingly moving all my documents, files and folders, iTunes music, design applications and instant messenger tools across to my new […]

  • The StumbleUpon effect

    This month has seen a nice surge in website traffic, this is not attributed to the Digg effect or the Slashdot effect, but the ever growing StumbleUpon effect. I’ve written about StumbleUpon before, when I first discovered it through my web stats almost a year ago now. It continues to impress me, both in the […]

  • Afrigator Beta – It’s lurking beneath the water

    Something’s lurking just beneath the water. It’s grown, it’s matured, and it’s about to get snappy. That something is Afrigator Beta. That’s right folks, I’ve been very busy along with Justin, Stii and Mike planning for the next phase of the Afrigator project. I’ve spent numerous days submerged in Photoshop pixel pushing. I’ve agonised over […]

  • Canon EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

    This post is an update on the one I wrote a month ago on the subject of tele lenses for my Canon 350d. I would like to say a huge thank you to the people who left comments and helped me to make an eventual easy decision on what to buy. Although the lens I […]

  • Tele lenses for Canon 350d

    I’m hoping some photographer gurus read my blog and can advise me on what lens I should be looking for if I am after a tele lens for my Canon 350d under 250 pounds. I specifically want to use it for sports and wildlife photography (wildlife is something I very rarely see over here in […]

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