To the SA bloggers …

So I went to my blog today, and also its web stats, and noticed some links coming from places I don’t recall having a link. Found some great feedback on my blog from some other South African bloggers. Wanted to say a big thanks for the kind words and positive feedback. I’ve only been around in the blogosphere for a couple of months, but my site is already getting great results.

Martin @ d2 thanks for spreading the digital farm love to Jo’blog. And big up Chumpstyle for using the banner and referencing it to me, looks great, definitely suites the style of your site.

Check out these guys blogs, great source of entertainment for y’all!

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  1. Hey mark, how about full posts in the rss feed? its currently getting chopped off quite early on in the post.

  2. Any ideas how to do this? I am a designer not a developer 🙂

  3. Thanks Martin, think I did it. Let me know if it is working?

  4. I’m still getting the truncated version, but it might only work from your next post…

  5. Hi Mark
    I came across your blog through Cails…and you have some interesting stuff happening on your blog…so it is quite nice to check regularly.
    Hope you are well…

  6. Hi and welcome.

    I’m new too and also a keen advocate of WordPress!

    I like your blog – and I’m keen to see what you have up your sleeve for your next header image! If you’re ever looking for a great, free, stock exchange website make sure to visit

  7. Hey, I’m so glad I came across your blog. You have tons of great information here, I’ll be sure to come back and keep on reading, keep up the good work!

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