RSS Feeds to your Toilet Paper, what next?

Rss Feed to your Toilet Paper

Ok this gadget is wack! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Still not sure if it is legit, but it is being advertised. What it does is that it actually prints the news directly onto the toilet tissue through a RapidResolution inkjet technology. The rsstroom reader uses a wireless connection and will print out up to the minute news from rss 2.0 and atom newsfeeds. It is configurable via a web browser and can be to give you an unlimited number of feeds. You can choose from sequential, alternating or random mode.

It comes complete with the biometric seat that enables tracking your weight loss and even printing your progress.

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How crazy is that! Now you can get spammed sitting on the toilet. Least you can flush it down the toilet though!

Extract taken from Coolest gadgets


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