Your step-by-step guide to becoming website-savvy

Gravit8 in the pressI don’t like to actively promote my company on this blog, but couldn’t contain this one 🙂 Apologies to the people here for the fun and jokes.

Gravit8, the company I run, has recently been in the press. I was interviewed by Jess Oosthuizen of Pursuit Magazine, on the topic of “Create your own website”. Their aim was to promote companies having a website, and the misconception of how many people believe it is an impossible thing to create your own website.

The article covers a step-by-step guide to becoming website-savvy. Read this website-savvy article here.

We design and maintain their website too, so defintely worth visiting 🙂

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  1. Nice – especially the fact that your choice of laptop rocks! (I know)

  2. MSI rocks, such good specs yet so affordable! I like your style Martin.

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