Showing signs of Malaria?

With out road trip came lots of mozzies. I got chowed by mozzies, in malaria zones! So I thought I would just check up on the symptoms in advance. You know just in case 🙂

For those interested:

The main initial symptoms of malaria are often mistaken for flu and can include:

* headache
* vomiting
* fatigue
* nausea
* muscular pains
* mild diarrhoea
* fever

Patients can rapidly progress to delirium, impaired consciousness and generalised convulsions, followed by coma and death. The symptoms of the most life-threatening type of malaria are usually experienced between one week and four months after infection, but can occur later. There are other, less severe types of malaria, which can cause symptoms more than a year later.

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Its been about a week and I am tired! Coincidence???? I hope so. More than likely the reason is an early morning, first day back and the depressing thought of a 5 day work week ahead.

The malaria excuse sounds much better though!

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