Yesterday I took Max to see “Finding Dory“. It was his first cinema experience – a day I’d looked forward to for a long time. Besides spilling popcorn everywhere it went without any incidents and we both enjoyed the much anticipated Pixar sequel. Before the movie Pixar premiered a 6 minute short film called “Piper”. A short […]

The Internet of Woo Things

I was unable to attend WooConf 2016, held in Austin, Texas with the arrival of Malakai in March. Luckily there is a fantastic video archive of all the WooConf presentations. Bryce Adams, one of Woo’s very own developers gave an interactive and eye opening presentations of the future of WooCommerce and what can be achieved using it’s open […]

The WooCommerce evolution

There are many images that encapsulate the growth and maturity of WooCommerce over the last couple years. I liked this IRL one. We attended IRCE back in 2014, humbly exhibiting our platform in Chicago, at the biggest ecommerce conference world-wide. We learned many lessons. Unfortunately, I can’t attend this year’s conference, but around 10 of […]

Global domination

Love our Oliver Jeffers map hanging over my desk at home. “A self-congratulatory guide to personal global domination”. Jeffer’s picture books are some of Max and my favourite bedtime reads. Check out this fun documentary made about the artist.


Like dari-dawg of the chumpstyle team I’d been living under a rock and had not yet seen the freak accident that took place during a Pirates vs Leopards football game in South Africa this past week. For the other Saffas living abroad, and for all my international readers, here is the bizarre clip.

CSS Mastery iPod Giveaway

Dear Santa, Some lad called Andy Budd, who runs some user experience consultancy company in Brighton, is being quite crafty in getting word out about his latest book, CSS Mastery. He wants geezers to write to you begging for a copy of his book. Then he chooses the best letters and gives the winners a […]

It’s Party Time!

The “Fruitloop” Granny Wrangler has tagged me, and it looks like I have to organise a dinner party for myself and 9 lucky guests. So I give to you the list of my distinguished friends I shall invite: Mini Me: Not an actual mini me, mini me from Austin Powers, the one who humps the […]

Way too much spare time

Instead of spending your time reading a post that I don’t have time to write, spend it watching a guy, with a hell of a lot of free time, playing “dominoes pool”. Now imagine if he had spent that time doing something constructive. We’d probably have a cure for Aids.

Viral marketing to the extreme!

I’ve read a lot of articles on how viral marketing is the newest and quickest form of advertising on the internet today. Chuck Norris quotes, Hasselhoff photos, and now http://www.helpwinmybet.com/. It’s absolutely amazing how quickly news can fly, and how quickly anything, literally anything, can get media attention if its whack enough! This guy has […]