Yesterday I took Max to see “Finding Dory“. It was his first cinema experience – a day I’d looked forward to for a long time. Besides spilling popcorn everywhere it went without any incidents and we both enjoyed the much anticipated Pixar sequel.

Before the movie Pixar premiered a 6 minute short film called “Piper”. A short that was three years in the making about a baby sandpiper braving the waters for the first time.

Piper has to be the best animated short film I’ve ever seen. The meticulous & groundbreaking animated detail in the feathers, sand and water make it feel more like a David Attenborough wildlife documentary.

There’s a great read on Vanity Fair about the making of the short and a teaser trailer below.

The Internet of Woo Things

I was unable to attend WooConf 2016, held in Austin, Texas with the arrival of Malakai in March. Luckily there is a fantastic video archive of all the WooConf presentations.

Bryce Adams, one of Woo’s very own developers gave an interactive and eye opening presentations of the future of WooCommerce and what can be achieved using it’s open and robust API framework, bridged with some smart hardware.


With some gutsy live demos, one involving propellors, it’s so exciting to see how far one can push the boundaries of what is possible with our platform.

We encourage our community to think outside of the box and innovate – proving that the future of ecommerce can be shaped outside the R&D teams of bohemoth ecommerce companies.

Watch the video

The WooCommerce evolution

There are many images that encapsulate the growth and maturity of WooCommerce over the last couple years. I liked this IRL one.

We attended IRCE back in 2014, humbly exhibiting our platform in Chicago, at the biggest ecommerce conference world-wide. We learned many lessons.


Unfortunately, I can’t attend this year’s conference, but around 10 of our team are representing, making a more noticeable statement.


It seems a lot more attendees and ecommerce service providers have awoken to the opportunities that exist with WooCommerce…

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Like dari-dawg of the chumpstyle team I’d been living under a rock and had not yet seen the freak accident that took place during a Pirates vs Leopards football game in South Africa this past week.

For the other Saffas living abroad, and for all my international readers, here is the bizarre clip.

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CSS Mastery iPod Giveaway

Dear Santa,

Some lad called Andy Budd, who runs some user experience consultancy company in Brighton, is being quite crafty in getting word out about his latest book, CSS Mastery. He wants geezers to write to you begging for a copy of his book. Then he chooses the best letters and gives the winners a copy of his book. He doesn’t even consult you. The cheek!

To be honest I’m sort of one of those geezers, I wouldn’t mind the book, I’m sure it would help me develop my CSS skills. The main reason I’m writing to you is to get some of his website visitors, even some of his clients, to my weblog. Who knows they might love my site and prefer to use my company instead of his. You never know. I’m sorry I’m using you Santa. I really feel terrible about this, but you know if this works I might get some more UK clients. How about this: I’ll give you a cut of the profits! Promise.

So please don’t be pissed off with me. If you could fit a new Macbook in your sack I’d prefer that, but a CSS Mastery book and an ipod nano would be great. Especially the nano, I’m one of the only blokes in Wimbledon without one 🙁

Thanks Santa. You’re a legend.



P.S. I’ve never ever won anything significant. Sniff. You already know that Santa, but Andy doesn’t. So this is really just a note for him, to tug on his heart strings.

This letter to Santa is in response to Andy Budd’s “Win an iPod Nano with CSS Mastery this Christmas”

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It’s Party Time!

The “Fruitloop” Granny Wrangler has tagged me, and it looks like I have to organise a dinner party for myself and 9 lucky guests.

So I give to you the list of my distinguished friends I shall invite:

  1. Mini Me: Not an actual mini me, mini me from Austin Powers, the one who humps the “lazer”. He looks fun.
  2. Michael Scofield: I’m just intrigued to find out if it hurt when he got all those tattoos.
  3. Neve Campbell: I had a massive crash on her back in the days of “Party of Five”
  4. Paris Hilton: What’s a party without Paris. And her Dad could maybe foot the bill.
  5. Britney Spears: Because.
  6. Robbie Williams: Robbie would be in charge of the entertainment after the meal. He just better bring his pack of Uno cards.
  7. George “Boyjtie” Forrester: George is my 3 year old Golden Retriever. I thought if I bring him along, that’s if he is available that night, he could lighten the mood. He has two great party tricks, a fart that always sparks off great conversation, and a well executed judo flip (a must see).
  8. Jane Seymour: I had a huge crush on her in “Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman”.
  9. Johnny Knoxvile: He could help with the party tricks.

The waiters I shall request:

  • The Jobloggers: They can compare tattoos with Scofield.
  • The Chumpstylers: They are actually paying me to waiter at my party. They mentioned something about a potential revenue stream from a spy camera in the ladies toilets?

Way too much spare time

Instead of spending your time reading a post that I don’t have time to write, spend it watching a guy, with a hell of a lot of free time, playing “dominoes pool”.

Now imagine if he had spent that time doing something constructive. We’d probably have a cure for Aids.

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Mentos Explosion – Soda Bottle Eruption

This is pretty random, but seeing today is pretty much a friday, with a long weekend ahead, why not?

All you need is:

  1. A roll or box of Mentos (candy mints)
  2. and a 2-litre bottle of diet soda. Either diet or regular soda will work for this experiment, but diet soda is less sticky when you’re cleaning it up!

And all you need to do is:

  1. Carefully open the bottle of soda. Position the bottle on the ground so that it will not tip over.
  2. Unwrap the whole roll of Mentos. The goal is to drop all of the Mentos into the bottle of soda at the same time (which is trickier than it looks). One method for doing this is to roll a piece of paper into a tube just big enough to hold the loose Mentos. You’ll want to be able to position the tube directly over the mouth of the bottle so that all of the candies drop into the bottle at the same time.
  3. Don’t drop them into the bottle just yet! Warn the spectators to stand back. Okay, you’re going to drop all of the Mentos into the bottle at the same time and then get truckin’ (move out of the way… so long… bye- bye… hasta la vista!)
  4. It’s just like fireworks on the 4th of July. The spectators erupt, of course, in a chorus of ooohs and ahhhs. Someone yells out, “Do it again” and you do.

Mentos Experiment

Ooooh Ahhhh !!!!

Read why this happens on this great science website.

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Viral marketing to the extreme!

I’ve read a lot of articles on how viral marketing is the newest and quickest form of advertising on the internet today. Chuck Norris quotes, Hasselhoff photos, and now http://www.helpwinmybet.com/.

It’s absolutely amazing how quickly news can fly, and how quickly anything, literally anything, can get media attention if its whack enough! This guy has had over 2 million hits in under one month! Why you may ask? Visit his site and see.

UPDATE:  I’ve just clicked refresh after writing this article, 24 000 hits in about 5 minutes!!

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