Blogs soon to be a thing of the past

I hope the title caught your attention, it’s true, but don’t stress, read further.

I’m usually against blogging on the topic of blogging, it is very much overdone, but this caught my attention. In an article posted on the online marketing journal ClickZ), Gary Stein argues that the whole blog phenomenon will “slowly fold back into the core of the Web”.

A perfect reminder and a great thing to remember about blogs. A blog is simply a method of publishing content on the Web. Calling something a blog now is a focus on the technology used on the server, the content management solution. Of course, there’s a significant culture that’s grown around this particular technology, but that culture is bound to remain a subculture. Not because the number of people who are involved in blogging is going to shrink but rather because the number of people reading content published using Movable Type, Blogger, or any of the other tools is going to grow. Fast.

Gary Stein also mentions that advertising on blogs will become easier and blogger’s efforts will be rewarded. “Clearly, as the best of the blogs begin to bubble up and become integrated with popular destinations, advertising on blogs will become easier and more reliable. Easier because a brand will be able to work with one of the networks to achieve the targeting and reach necessary to make the effort worthwhile. More reliable because the networks will evolve to offer sophisticated ad controls, such as measurement, dayparting, and frequency capping.

So I think I’m going to stop calling this “blog” a blog, It’s now a website! And one day it’s going to make me a lot of money 🙂 I hope with its new classification people are going to start respecting these “blog” sites more, as a marketing tool and a passive revenue stream.


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