My mother’s growing weed

My mother is growing weed

Now is this coincidence … that on MNET there is a TV program about a single mother growing weed (funny enough called “Weeds“), selling it to her whack nextdoor neighbours, and in my mother’s back garden a little weed bush growing?

Yesterday, as I was braaing with my boet in my mother’s back garden I saw something out of the corner of my eye. Behind the weber, in the flower bed. Could it be? I had found a small, but very healthy looking marijuana plant.

Is my mother a drug dealer? Hmmm… my brother and me are now both wondering.

I could really go to town on this article and make up some great story how she is selling to her friends in Lakeside. But, I am quite sure she is not, and I am sure I could send her to jail if some police officer were to read this. Oh how I love the power of a blog!

The conversation we had was as follows:

Mark: “Ma why is there a marijuana plant growing in our back garden?”
Mom: “What!! Show me”
We both walk into the back garden.
Mark: “Right thurr” (pointing to the marijuana plant)
Mom: “Is that what it is, I’ve been watering that plant for the last week waiting for it to bloom!”

P.S. The sign next to the “blooming plant” reads “May all my weeds be wild flowers” which we found in another flowerbed about 10m away from this little guy. Coincidence?

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  1. Now I have a reputation – I am known as MRS MARIJUANA!!
    See you in jail/white container?

  2. Rasta Rebel Avatar
    Rasta Rebel

    your mom’s trying to pull the wool over your eyes. she smokes dope buddy. wake up and smell the mary jane!!!

  3. Haha, Rasta Rebel if only you met my Mom.

  4. Well check this one out…

    my brother grew that one in the back yard! But that was a long time ago.

  5. Dude, your comment formatting is junk.

  6. Little Brother Avatar
    Little Brother

    She’s coming along nicely, besides the fact the dog keeps trying to eat it.
    Will keep progress up to date..

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  8. What Neville the Devil fails to reveal is who was walking around his moms garden distributing pips in the first place. Gardners and builders usually take the rap for this, when sons are far more obvious candidates!!

  9. dude ur moms smokin…u should smoke wit her…

  10. Hi all, what do I do if my plants leafs are going brawn on the edges its just started budding and is about 4ft 5in high all the new leaves look good and the buds little white bits are about 5/8 of a inch am I doing something wrong

  11. piss in it that should work

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  13. lol i dont think pissin on ur plant will work lol.. r u not letting it get enough light? well u no wut try pissin on it anyways lol

  14. pissing on lavender plants actually do help them grow.

    or it might be lillys.

    idk something that starts with an l. pissing on it does help some plands oddly enough lol