coComment: The next big thing in the blogging world

coCommentBlogging is defintely becoming bigger and bigger and evolving almost daily, we all know that. The next big thing is coCommenting though. Its a pretty basic idea, and because its basic, its probably going to take off.

“All you do is after you have finished writing your comment, press the cocomment bookmarklet, then hit the normal submit button and the comment/conversation will appear on Cocomments “Your conversations” page when you log in.

Being able to check and even be notified about responses to your comments on any blog, run on any of the six major blog bases (Blogger, MSN Spaces, MySpace, TypePad, WordPress and Xanga) all from one place is a bloggers dream, it means no more diving through your history to find that obscurely named blog that you were waiting for a comment from.”

Here is the link to the dude I have just quoted, visit his site to see this coCommenting thing in screenshots. Don’t know why I am giving him more traffic, he is already boasting about the thousands of hits he is getting every day. Oh well, suppose I’m just lazy not writing my own description of coCommenting. I have used the word coCommenting a few times though, so hopefully that counts in my favour and drives the Google traffic my way. One more time. coCommenting.


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  1. Hey there, here are a few codes to boost your traffic 😉


  2. Thanks for the codes Laurent. Checking your site out now. Not quite understanding what these codes are going to do. But hey, I’ll read a bit more about coComment I think.

  3. It’s invitation codes to use coComment. I get it now. Thanks Laurent. Guys be quick and snap up your invitation code from the above list.

  4. It was quite an easy process getting an invitation code, but once registered it doesn’t really work – I don’t know if you have the same problem mark.

  5. Finally! Something happened when I posted my last comment.

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