Warm Surf Shower

For all the surfers out there, this is a must have. Ok the designers of it are over in Australia, so sourcing one of these shower items may be a bit of a mission, but the idea is great.

Its a portable shower water flask, heated in your car by your cigarette lighter. Just leave it to heat up whilst you clean your board, then drench yourself with some nice warm H20. Forget about the icy cold storm river water in the communal showers. Wash that salty crust off your face, after a session at the freezing cold Llandudno beach, with this portable shower unit.

Why the picture below shows some dude showering whilst still surfing boggles me. How and why are you going to carry your shower flask out to the backline, then surf with it in your hand, and then clean yourself only to get salty again by the next wave?

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The Surf Shower


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  1. So where do you find these great inventions?

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