Blurb: Convert your blog into a binded book

Blurb: Start to finish publishing software

Stumbled on this link at White African, which is a great site I must add.
What is Blurb? Blurb is start to finish publishing software which allows you to take your blog and publish it in the form of a nicely binded, well presented book. All you do is download the magic software, bundle your blog together, and then click “Publish”. You only pay once you click the “Publish” button, and for $30 you get your blog book that one day you can show the grandkids, or even try your luck and sell the thing. The demo books on the site look very professional. Perfect for those of you that use your blog like a diary, and want a carbon copy, capturing those personal memories in cyber space and on paper. Other book types avaliable include: Baby books, Dog books, Cat books, Cook books, and Photo Books.

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