My mother’s weed was eaten by the dog

The dog ate the weed

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Its been about 10 days since I discovered my mother’s weed bush. What has been happening lately in this saga? In a dramatic turn of events, the weed’s health has been jeopardized by none other than …. Emma (our dog). That’s right, I recieved this email this morning from my mother:

“Guess what has happened to M.P. (My mother’s lingo for Marijuana Plant)?! Emma dug a huge hole (thanks to Andy (my brother) who left them in the back garden) and she half ate/half dug it up!!!! So, sorry it is now struggling to survive….. have watered it and tried to get it back upright after all the soil landed on top of it (AND MY BEAUTIFUL PINK FLOWER NEXT TO IT).”

My brother even had a premonition on Monday that this was going to happen, pretty freaky.

Little Brother

Emma must have been formulating a plan of attack. Cunning little girl. Look at her guilty little face.

Will the Marijuana Plant survive, or is this the end …. Stay tuned to find out.

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  1. Little Brother Avatar
    Little Brother

    Was wondering why Emma ate her food so quickly that night… must have had the munchies!

  2. Hahaha, little Junkie. Can’t get enough.

  3. Dogs love the stuff – no idea why. One of mine chewed on a fresh bankie once – I wasn’t impressed, but he seemed pretty nonplussed about it.

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  7. haha my hampster ate a reefer that my moms old boy friend left next to the cage it was so funny he was tripping

  8. dam i no everytime i smoke my dog be jumping on me and trying to snatch my joints the lil basterd