SA Blog Awards 2006: I still need you

SA Blog Awards: Mark still needs you Its almost friday, which means you only have two and a half more days to nominate me for one of the categories. Any of them.

I’ve written about food: Braai Politics
Best Food blog (worth a try)

I’ve written about technology: Too many times, click on any of the links provided
Best SA blog about tech

I’ve tried to be humourous: My mother is growing weed
Most humourous blog (hey it’s always worth a try!)

This blog started in 2005
Best new blog

And I’m a designer (and I need this award to procure work and have rock star status)
Best design for a blog

So I fit into a few of the nomination categories. So go vote now. Please. 🙂

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  1. LOL @ “And I’m a designer (and I need this award to procure work and have rock star status)” FYI I’m sponsoring the prize for the Best Design Category.

  2. Nice vote image! Are we starting a feud here with with war poster rehashes? 🙂

  3. The battle is on Gabbahead. I will fight until death come upon me.

  4. […] P.S. Dig the offline banners Gabbahead Related Links: SA Blog Awards: I still need you. SA Blog Awards: Mark needs you […]

  5. […] Last year I launched a tongue-in-cheek propaganda campaign to get suckers to vote for me. It seemed to have worked. I’m not sure if I will go down that same route again this year, rather maybe re-use a couple campaigns 🙂 […]

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