Cape Town by night: A faint light

The world from outer space

Cape Town: A faint lightFound a good website link for a site that generates high-res, wallpaper-sized, PNG images from an outer space satellite. It uses the Google Earth technology. The benefits of using this site though, are that you can specify what date and time you want an image of earth from. I chose 2am last Sunday morning, when the whole city had its Eskom black-out.

Not convinced that the image I got was taken at that time, and on that day, as Cape Town’s lights look just as faint as any other day of the month.

Why can’t we have a big bright light and look cool like Joburg?

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  1. It’s only a matter of time. All we have to do is wait until we have a meldown at Koeberg.

  2. Which should be in the next week I smaak?

  3. Koeberg News Update from Kyknoord:

    “The thing that bothers me the most about the situation is that the clowns responsible for this mess are in charge of a [word beginning in “f” and ending in “ing” that I can write here] nuclear reactor. One which is only a few miles north of me as the neutron flies. Then again – if we are ever faced with a ‘worst case scenario’, it will solve at least two problems: there won’t be any more congestion on Koeberg Road and we won’t need lights, because everyone will glow in the dark. “

  4. Don’t worry, Chuck Norris will roundhouse the bastards. And then breathe in the leaked radiation from the meltdown and absorb it into his bloodstream where his platelets will roundhouse each loose neutron out of existence.

  5. Veronica says she can get you some more golfballs (not poo ones)

    Simon says is that him on the computer?

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