High-tech drinking glasses

High tech drinking glasses

Forget the Origami, now this is an invention that should be exhibited at Cebit. (That’s two keywords that hopefully drives some traffic my way!)

“Lover’s Cups” lets distant lovers/friends share a beer, wirelessly. What an idea! How helpful is this invention.

Ever wish you could share a romantic drink with your long distance lover in the UK? Or how about keeping track of your best mate’s beer tally, whilst he’s chatting up some bird the other side of the bar, who promised you he’d drink whenever you do? Now you can.
“Rigged with sip and liquid sensors, accelerometers, RF chips, LEDs, and vibration motors these glasses visually and/or haptically alert one cup holder when his/her partner is drinking or shaking the (hopefully empty) glass.”

Source: Engadget


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