Leafman must die!

I’m not usually an aggressive guy, but when I get woken up every Saturday morning to the sound of some retard sucking up leaves with his Christmas present from Aunt Sue, my blood starts to boil.

Like most people I enjoy a sleep in on Saturday morning… followed by the latest US episode of the hit series “Lost” in bed (that part is probably not so average). This week I couldn’t enjoy either.

Leafman piped up a bit later than usual this morning, but louder than ever (His leaf-sucking machine could be entered in the Guiness Book of records for the loudest, most irritating, 150 decibel sound), and must have sucked up not only every leaf, but every ant residing in his courtyard (about a 10 square metre radius). He hoovers with his leaf-sucking machine for about 1 hour, usually between 7.30 and 8.30am every Saturday morning, until he can see his reflection on the brick-paved floor.

Leaf Man

I’ve tried screaming and cursing as loud as possible (out of my 2nd floor flat window), the leaf sucking machine is too loud though, and he can’t hear me, so I’ve decided to blog about it, in the hopes that he has an internet connection, knows what a blog is, finds my blog (out of the 22 million out there), and sees how peed off I am.

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  1. One word. Catty. Worked on my neighbours yappers (no, I didn’t aim for the poor mini-doberman dog thingies, just near them…). Good for shoot-and-hide-behind-the-curtains revenge. Especially if you use macadamia nuts still in their shell.

  2. That might be an option. I was thinking more on the lines of throwing a heavy industrial brick at him. I think at our flat’s height I could clear the boundary wall and get pretty close to him. Might be a bit excessive though.

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