Shark Cage Diving

As mentioned, I was in Hermanus over the weekend, so I missed the blog awards ceremony. Which means I missed my 5 seconds of fame, BUT, I did have an adrenaline pumping adventure of my own. Shark Cage Diving.

Being quite terrified of these sea monsters, I thought cage diving would either cure me of this fear, or make me fear them even more. I swam at VoelKlip beach that afternoon, so I don’t think the latter applies.

Worth every rand of the 850 it cost me, plus my stomach contents, cage diving was an experience I’ll take with me to the grave. Being within an arm’s distance of 3m Great White sharks is an out of this world experience. Being on a small boat, in big swell, is another story. I learnt two things though, great whites have a lot of teeth, and small ocean fish love regurgitated boerewors rolls.

The Shark Cage

The shark cage we thought we were going in, and the cage we actually went in
(Take Note: bent, thin metal poles)!

Great White Cage Diving

A 3m Great White chowing my regurgitated boerie roll.

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