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Skylook is VoIP, IM and Email convergence – together in one unified messaging system!It’s been around since about August last year, but Skylook is continuing to impress. Since their Version 1 release they have developed many new great features to stay ahead of Skype’s own outlook toolbar product. Although, for business use their is a small licensing fee, its advantages outweigh it’s price tag.

Its key features include:

  • Records voicecalls to MP3 and archives all your skype communication into Outlook folders.
  • Answer calls direct from within Outlook, and facility to call outlook contacts direct from within the program.
  • Skylook puts all unanswered Skype chat messages into your inbox, so you can manage your chats as you would unanswered mails.
  • Skype voicemail messages are conveinently dropped into your outlook inbox.
Skylook Screenshot


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  1. Andrew Stinky Mo Avatar
    Andrew Stinky Mo

    Heard there’s been a lot of complaints about the voicecall thingy not working (sorry no link). Besides surely MP3 is not the best format to use – unless u can set the bitrate etc.

    Also have you seen Vista has been postponed to Jan 2007 – pundits are saying possibly even late 07 early 08. It needs 512 megs mem just to install, possibly needing 1gb mem just to run 🙁

  2. I also got that link via Digg this morning. Apparently first supposed to launch in 2003! Think they realising they have to be super impressive this time, too much competition eagerly awaiting Microsoft’s downfall.

  3. Bryce Lloyd Avatar
    Bryce Lloyd

    We demoed a Vista pre release for a few weeks in Jan. It’s a very impressive piece of kit. Not sure if you guys have had a chance to check out any betas yet. MS has put a load of thought into this one. The media centre is ultra impressive, graphics and design are excellent, they have lost the Fischer Price my 1st computer look from XP. To many tools and features to list. It feels very MAC Pantherish in look and feel although still very Windows. Think MS have got a winner here, it will require a huge system to run well. We had it on a Celeron 2ghz with 1gb Ram – it was sluggish.

  4. I like the Fisher-Price-my-first-computer comment. Haven’t demoed it yet, but very eager to have a look. Installed the Vista GUI Theme on my PC that I got from CrystalNet. Took quite some adjusting to work out what icon stood for what. And the damn thing kept crashing my PC. But I think the GUI has been reworked since. Like the Apple-type top docking bar on the desktop.

  5. What do you think? Not bad, considering it was randomly generated by the Postmodern generator using the Dada Engine

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