Quote of the Day: Jacob Zuma

“I knew the risk was very minimal
Jacob Zuma, Former Deputy President of South Africa

Who says very minimal!

Zuma said he knew there was a risk of getting HIV AIDS, but he believed it was small, from knowledge he had gained while serving on the Aids Council. This is after having sex with his HIV-positive rape accuser.

After the intercourse Jacob Zuma took a shower. “It… would minimise the risk of contracting the disease,” he told the court.

And this guy was our Deputy President, don’t you just wish he was still in power? Tell me again why he has a few thousand supporters outside the court room everyday?

I’m just loving the headlines News24 are coming up with:


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  1. Zuma is such an idiot.. thank god he’s not our president!

    and the worst thing he’s done so far is this shower crap, he basically cancelled out 10 yrs of aids education to get rid of something on his name (that’s probably true)

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