Online video space growing and growing fast!

There have been huge advancements in the past few months with online video sharing services. Youtube is dominating online video and seeing huge traffic growths. Flickr, the online photo space, is falling behind, and still hasn’t released a video product.

YouTube vs Flickr
Image source: Alexaholic 

… new tools are coming out to make sharing videos online even easier. Both Video Egg and Grouper (TechCrunch posts here and here) have downloadable clients that allow encoding to flash on the desktop (saving users from uploading very large files to the service) and some very basic editing features

Motionbox, the newest competitor only days from release, offers even more. It doesn’t have a client uploader, like the above mentioned, which means you must upload the full video file to the service. This, especially in South Africa, with limited and expensive bandwidth, is a problem, but Motionbox’s reasons for doing this are very noticeable. Editing and mash ups are a breeze. When editing Motionbox breaks down your video clips into individual frames, making tagging and extensive editing easy. Read more about this product at TechCrunch.

No sooner did I write this article, another competitor popped into the market. Jumpcut. As TechCrunch writes, “they are breeding like rabbits“. Making it very clear to everyone that cyberspace is evolving very quickly.


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