Download videos with a Firefox add-on

Firefox Video Downloader add-on

Firefox have recently launched a new add-on to their web browser that allows users to download videos from Youtube, Google, Metacafe, iFilm, Dailymotion… and other 60+ video sites ! And all embedded objects on a webpage (movies, mp3s, flash, quicktime, etc) ! Directly !

VideoDownloader adds a small icon on the status bar, at the bottom of your firefox window, and a toolbar button. Just click that and download the video you are watching !

Pretty cool. Firefox never seizes to amaze me, it just keeps getting better and better, leaving Microsoft’s IE further and further behind.


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  1. Download video in Firefox … almost all of it!…

    Digital Farm has a post about a new Firefox extension that allows you to download video from a host of sources pretty easily, including embedded objects on a web page (long a pain in the butt for me): Firefox have recently launched a new add-on to the…

  2. Correction if I may: “Leaving Microsoft’s IE6 further and further behind….”

    I’m pretty close to uninstalling FF since I’ve started with IE7 šŸ™‚

  3. nice idea for getting hold of yourtube and google videos – the rest are all saved automatically into your Temporary internet files folder once loaded.

  4. Great – thanks Mark!

  5. Thanks for the correction Martin. I must be honest and say I haven’t looked into IE 7 much. I will defintely give it a test run after your appraisal.

    I’m starting to go the vibe that you are a very pro Microsoft lad Mr. OneNote. šŸ™‚

  6. Andrew Stinky Mo Avatar
    Andrew Stinky Mo

    Have been using the FF greasemonkey addon for quite some time now to download youtube videos – got a nice collection of episodes from the Simpso….. err videos for free download..

  7. Pro Microsoft?

    Let’s just say that I decided to take a side early on, and not remain neutral on the matter šŸ™‚ That being said, I keep a very watchful and informed eye on the other side (unlike many MS zealots).

    Keep your enemies closer, or something to that effect…

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  10. There is a good tool for downloading from more that 100+ websites. It is called VideoGet.

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