Friday Freebies

Quite a catchy title hey? Maybe I should make “Friday Freebies” a weekly post. Hmmm…

In America it seems they have it pretty sweet, and I’m quite envious. Last week I wrote about the free TV series avaliable to Americans on the ABC website. This week, Skype have announced that calls from Skype to a landline or mobile phone in the U.S. or Canada are now free, completely free, no hidden catches, until the end of the year.

Skype Free CallsThe Skype user must be in the U.S. or Canada at the time of the call (it doesn’t matter where your Skype account is set up), and the outbound call must be to a U.S. or Canadian POTS or mobile phone. Skype calls to U.S. numbers are currently priced at $0.02 per minute.(Source:Techcrunch)

It’s great to see calling fees slowly dissolve, in some countries far quicker than others. *cough*

Seeing this free service doesn’t apply to us, it can’t be considered a Friday Freebie. Maybe this can:

Microsoft launched Windows Media Player 11 Beta on Monday. We’ve downloaded it and I must say it’s pretty cool. Its got a great new metallic black finish, with lots of fancy Windows Vista type icons. Very visually appealing. Don’t ask me much about its new functionality because I haven’t really looked. As a designer I judge it mainly by its appearance, very shallow I know. So all of you real techies please leave your comments on how well the player functions 🙂

Unfortunately, Media Player is not really free either. For most of us it is, but for you Windows users running pirated software this program requires validation. Shame on you.
So what can I offer you this Friday, completely free:

  • A Digital Farm wallpaper
  • Avast anti-virus software (I installed this on my notebook and it runs beautifully)
  • An OpenCD: a collection of high quality open source software bundled specifically for MS Windows users. For us South Africans we can get it posted to us for free. Haha…sucks Americans.


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