Downloadable TV: Shaking the networks and distributors to the core

This morning I found a great article to follow on from the post I wrote a few days ago (regarding ABC’s decision to offer free, ad-supported episodes of certain popular TV series on their website), stressing the ever-growing power downloadable TV is having on the networks in the USA.

From the article it looks like CBS, NBC and FOX networks are joining ABC network and the force that spearheaded downloadable TV, iTunes. The networks have realised the huge threat downloadable television poses, and rather than be threatened by this new form of media, they have jumped on the bandwagon. A smart move.
It’s going to be a while before the service models are compelling enough for the world to turn away en masse from today’s TV, but it’s clear we’re at the start of a major disruption that will shake content producers (the networks) and the distributors (cable) to the core.” (Source: Techcrunch)

It’s awesome to read about how the internet is revolutionizing so many aspects of business worldwide. Downloadable TV may only be avaliable to us South Africans in a few years time, but it is definitely something to get excited about.

Definitely worth a read 🙂


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  1. I think i watch too much TV already!

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