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DVD KioskForget buying your DVDs from a limited selection at Musica. The future could be instore download kiosks.

According to Reuters, the major movie studios are reportedly in talks with American retail heavyweights, like Walmart, regarding archiving their entire movie collections for downloading to instore terminals with high speed connections. This comes as an attempt to combat the global decline in DVD sales, as a result of the evergrowing force of digital downloads.

These kiosks will allow you to download any movie, whether it be 50 days old, or 50 years old, to your ipod, external harddrive, or DVD.

You walk in with your little ipod, hook it up to one of these terminals, download the latest movie, retreat back home and wirelessly connect your ipod to your plasma TV.

Sounds a bit all to futuristic for my likings. I think I prefer looking at my branded copy of “Braveheart” next to my TV. On my book case. In my DVD stand.


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  1. Mmm sounds pretty nifty, i wouldn’t mind using one of these devices!! Wow just pop my extarnal hard drive and i got a movie. I wonder how the pricing is going to work tho, the main reason y piracy is rampant is becuase of rampant prices. R160 for a cd is just taking it a lil too far…

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