It has arrived

It’s finally here, the new site design that is. If you are reading this through your RSS Reader, venture out of it, and view it in your web browser. The site was designed for Firefox use, but is fully compatible with IE, although there might be some small bugs which I’ll iron out in the next couple days. In fact, wait a minute, I can confidently say there are bugs, so please be patient.

A detailed article will follow, which will include why I chose this design layout, what fonts I chose, the colours I used, etc. I’m too snowed under with work to explain it now.

The links and archives pages must still be designed properly, but they are still usuable.

Please comment and let me know what you think. I can take criticism pretty well, as long as it’s not too harsh. You don’t want to make me cry do you?


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  1. i like the ‘Brewed in RSA button’ very cool.- I am looking forward to the detailed article… (I would like to design my little abode…who better to learn from than you!) Thanks.

  2. Hey Mark

    Very interesting design! I love the images of the books and your wishlist instead of the usual text links. I’d love to know more about your thinking behind this specific design. Care to share?

  3. Hey Mark – the new design looks really good. Hope to see your notes on the design and considerations soon!

  4. It’s lovely Mark.

  5. It is really great Mark.

  6. Awesome stuff Mark! I don’t know if you noticed but you got domkopped, although they are somewhat retarded I do agree with them on some points – you really need to post some quick-step tutorial posts.

  7. Thanks for letting me know Wezzo. Hadn’t seen that yet. I was expecting the worse, but the guys at Domkop seem to have gone quite easy on me. Defintely some valid points there that i’ll have a serious think about.

    Thanks for all the positive crit guys. Keep it coming please. Let me know what exactly you like and what you don’t.

  8. Friggin’ awesome bro… err care to share any tips on the Reboot?

  9. Very nicely done indeed…

    Love the wicked worn stuff, and the “brewed” button!

  10. […] The promised analysis of this template design is almost complete and I’ll publish it soon. Promise. […]

  11. Love the new look Mark. Oustanding job!

  12. Oh, btw. I signed up for your blog by email and noticed you’re using Feedburner. I’d suggest taking a look at Zookoda as well. You get so much more control over what happens and how it looks. It’s also free.

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