Mouse Potato

I’ve been quite a mouse potato (Definition: The on-line, wired generation’s answer to the couch potato) the last couple days. I’m just absolutely amazed by this 4mb broadband internet! Sorry to rub that in again to all of you back in South Africa.

I’ve managed to watch a couple episodes of PhotoshopTV, and learn even more fascinating tips and tricks Photoshop is capable of. No waiting for downloads, perfect streaming quality!

I also stumbled across a great website link in a photoshop magazine I was reading whilst in WHSmith yesterday. I’m too cheap ass to buy a 6 quid magazine, I’ve still got the bad habit of converting back to rands. Eeek. Rather read the mags in-store for now 🙂 No wonder us South Africans stick out over here.

Anyways the link is to 25 of the best quality, license free, downloadable fonts. No catches. Check it out.

Great free downloadable fonts


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    Rasta Rebel

    it’s tomorrow today!

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