From scenic Cape Town to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds

So here’s the first post from half way across the world.

Meysey Hampton, The Cotswolds, UKI arrived in not-so-sunny-England, in fact rainy England, on Sunday. Air Namibia (shocking website!!!!) was quite an experience, and not nearly as bad as I thought. The pilot managed to take us on a scenic route from Cape Town, around False Bay, over Ou Kaapse Weg, past Noordehoek, Camps Bay and Clifton beaches, then over Robben Island and off up the coast towards Namibia. The perfect departure to remember how lucky us Capetonians are.

Windhoek airport, barely resembled an airport, it’s a runway with a small waiting room at the end of it. Wish I had taken a photo, it was truely an African experience, and I loved it. No bus took us from the “airport building” to the plane, we had to walk the 400m along the tarmac; bright red, green and white lights illuminating the runway, with bare, dusty desert either side of it.

Quite the contrast to Gatwick Airport.

For the next two weeks I’m working off my laptop in the middle of the Cotswolds, the heart of the English countryside. I’m staying at my Pop’s house, in a tiny town called Meysey Hampton. I’m working off a 4mb internet connection! That only costs R160 per month. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to put up with Telkom ADSL again.

I’ve already had a Skype video chat with the guys in our Cape Town office, and a Skype voice chat with my brother on a Telkom dial-up. I love how technology can convert a 10,000km delta into a 1 second lag in communication.

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  2. Nice one, welcome to Ingerland!

  3. Dude. 4mbps. I hate you ^_^

  4. glad to see you arrived safely dude, keep it real

  5. ah…you just got there and i just got back here…hope u and xen are doing well. i wish i was there, so have a pint of leffe for me! keep well dude…chillax to the max…

  6. Yeah pity our trips didn’t overlap Mandz. Dunno about Leffe. How about Stella instead?

  7. Mark, Welcome! To the 1st world ! Ha Ha ! Drop us a line when you head towards London..

  8. Your map reminded me of something, check this out

    It’s mircorosft latest offering to googles competition. Thought you might appreciate it.

  9. Hey Bryce, will def give u a holla when in London.

    Dig the Local live site! Well worth checking out guys!

  10. When I clicked on my pictures (of Meysey Hampton?), I saw pics of myself and fam in SA! Clever blog… No, seriously, very interesting stuff, especially the air show…

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