The ASDA Dilemma

ASDA Dilemma
ASDA’s “fantastic” promotions

My girlfriend and I did our first proper London food shop the other day. We chose ASDA as our first food market destination. In my previous university-summer-break-working-holidays to the UK I did all my food shopping at ASDA. Why? Because they had a bottom shelf dedicated to us cheap Saffa students. All the no name brand food items are on the bottom shelf at half the price of the branded items. Baked beans, pasta sauces, and Cobra beer.

Nothing much has changed, the cheap pasta sauces are still on the bottom shelf.

This being our first food shop with very little pounds in our pocket, we kept with my tradition. Needless to say we have stiff backs from all the bending over.

There is something that has changed at ASDA though. And it’s caused quite a dilema in Mark’s head. The 2 for 1 promotions, and the “Buy one for 1.24 quid, Buy two for 2 quid” or the “Buy 1 for 1.18 quid, Buy three for 2.80 quid” deals.

Where I used to focus all my attention to the bottom shelf, I now focus most of my attention on all the “fantastic” promotions. A constant battle is going on in my head, the little red-skinned Mark, with devil horns coming out his forehead, is saying to me, “Wow, Awesome, Thanks ASDA, I’ll take one of those!”. The other little Mark, the angelic Mark, with fairy wings, is saying “Don’t do it Mark! ASDA is just sucking you into their black hole, leaving your wallet empty, tricking you with clever promotions!”

I caught the bus home with twice as heavy ASDA bags as they should have been, with even less money in my wallet than I could have ever expected.

I have two jars of Branston pickle, three cartons of orange juice (It was 3 for 2 quid!), two packets of salami, and about 6 jars of pasta sauces.

You won this war ASDA, but I’ll have the last laugh!

(Apologies for the out-of-focus, camera phone, photo. You can make out all the promotions though. The yellow tag is the price, the red tag is the “promotion” tag)

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  1. I live off the 3 for 2 cartoons of juice, better than this poef water!
    Good to have you in London Mark.

  2. Bastards, the lot of them. I walked through Sainsbury’s last weekend (sorry, we clearly shop in different circles) and was mind blown with all those billions of ‘by one get 43 free’ offers – they’re everywhere. That coupled with everything in double sizes. Everything is maxed – you can’t buy a normal sized anything! No wonder the chavs are as lumpy as they are. I reckon they scour the bottom shelves at ASDA too. Put the burberry down Mark. I’m going to count to three. Put it down and walk backwards sloooowly.

  3. i do know how to spell buy… buy the way.

  4. Little brother Avatar
    Little brother

    Mark, its all about the Tesco Southern Fried chicken wraps – just try one…. trust me.

  5. Rob: Yeah the water over here just ain’t the same as back in Cape Town. Tastes so artificial.

    Granny Wrangler: I think I’ve got to go shop at Sainsbury, but 1 get 43 free? Wow, I’m putting the burberry down and coming to visit the shop in your ghetto! 🙂

    Little Bro: I’d actually forgotten the name of your famous chicken wrap. I’ve made a mental note now and will make sure I try one!

  6. Hahaha – you know, this war is even more difficult for women to fight – can you imagine what must be going through our heads, and why we end up coming home with baaaaags full of clothes when we set out to buy toilet paper and toothpaste?!!

  7. Andrew Stinky Mo Avatar
    Andrew Stinky Mo

    Also good on price (not so good on quality) are Iceland stores!! always great for your skinflint Sefrican.

    Anyhoo its not actually the food thats expensive in London, its the transport and rent that kills you. In 2003 was able to go to a great Italian restuarant = nice Pasta + salad special for 5.50 (pounds) (Shepherds Bush) – fricken cheaper than the equivalent back here (although booze was pricier).

  8. He he he – the first shop at Asda does seem to get you – I think we bought a few months worth of food due to the good prices and the 2 for 1 specials! We’ve just gotten lazy now though – Tesco’s online – and the 2 for 1 deals still get me! 🙂 Happy shopping!

  9. The Pete Avatar
    The Pete

    Andrew Stinky Mo, are you talking about Renizio’s by any chance, next door to Pacific Net coffee shop?

    The damned special deals get me in all the supermarkets, Sainsburys also sometimes have sales on stuff nearing their best before date. You can get some killer deals with food that is still 100%.

  10. Rasta Rebel Avatar
    Rasta Rebel

    never shop on an empty stomach.

  11. I was a big ASDA fan until I started buying fresh stuff (once I started getting paid in £’s). Just one word of warning, be very careful with the fresh stuff like meat and fish… I’ve spent a packet on petrol/bus fares/bicycle tyres/soles of my shoes taking stuff back that has gone vrot long before the sell-by date, let alone the use-by date. Be warned.

    I’m middle class now and only shop at Sainsbury’s… ha ha ha ha

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