Jerk Chicken, Ganja Permits and Bob Marley

Ganja Permit

Unfortunately, the ganja permits were not real, but I bought one anyway.

Yesterday I braved the crowds at the Notting Hill Festival 2006, touted as the biggest street festival in Europe. Famous for its bright spandex costumes, Jamaican flags, Red Stripe beer, Jerk chicken “barbeques”, rastafarians and of course reggae music from towering walls of speakers on every street corner.

There were hundreds of thousands of people, all enjoying the music and the parade. Some more so than others. My highlight of the day was seeing some chav, being very cool and walking against the police-regulated flow of the crowd. When the coppers removed him quite forcefully, he retaliated and got a headbutt from one of the copper’s horses! Ouch. Quite an effective weapon I might add!

Police Horse Headbutt

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  1. Chav – Council Housing Average Vuilgat. Nuff said.

  2. Rasta Rebel Avatar
    Rasta Rebel

    you should smoke the ganja permit

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