Wearing Pyjamas to Work

Today I stumbled apon a site dedicated to people like me who mobile office. Although Web Worker Daily is still in its infancy, and lacking content, it holds potential for articles on personal organisation, tips and tricks in mobile officing, workplace trends and various other essays.

Job security, forty hour weeks, two Martini lunches, ties, nylons and handwritten memos are now relics of the past, while freelancing, flex time, lattes, company t-shirts, jeans and email are de rigeur. An ‘office’ now includes idyllic campuses that can be lived in, well, to any sandy beach, rowdy bar or coffee roastery with Internet connections. Either way, you can wear pajamas to work.

Mobile electronics, wireless networks and online applications aren’t just shifting workflow paradigms, but also social etiquette, management policies and business models. A new tribe of bedouin has evolved, with laptops instead of camels, hopping between wifi hotspots like oases. It is high time that net set should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies,and meet the jet set with a manifesto: Web Worker Daily. Because inspiration is meant to be shared.

From this write up, stolen from the Web Worker Daily website, it sounds like mobile officing is a doddle, something that everyone would want to do. No getting up early to drive to work, no office suite and tie, complete flexibility in work hours, and no battling the traffic home.

Let me tell you though its not all fun and play. With the perks come the negatives. It’s now 11 o’clock at night and I still am “at work”.

Probably the hardest thing to do when mobile officing is determining when to call it a day and “go home”.

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  1. Hehe, they make us sound like commies =)

  2. This is a great manifesto. As foreign as the mobile-office idea is to so many of yesterday’s businessmen, it ends up being a very big part of OUR lives today (at least a certain demographic). I switch back and forth between worlds myself, and I can tell you that I’m much more creative and energetic when I’m not tied to a desk 40 hours/week.

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