The New Gravit8 Website

I’ve been pretty scarce here lately. But for good reasons.

The last couple weeks I’ve been a busy bee re-designing, re-aligning, and re-branding Gravit8’s website (in case you don’t know, Gravit8 is the company I run). Quite a big ask you might say?

It was, but I’m very happy with the end result. The new Gravit8 website allows website visitors to subscribe to the site, it contains RSS feeds, it’s completely searchable, it has poll and commenting facilities, and it’s design is entirely CSS based. Not only that, it also has a discussion forum, it is database driven, and it has a client log-in facility.

We hope the new features, and the new look of the site, are a better representative of what we can achieve for our clients.

Seeing I value my blog reader’s opinions immensely I ask you to visit the website and leave a comment. Let us know what you think of the new site.

I know there is a problem with the content wrapper in Internet Explorer Version 6, but the site should work perfectly in IE7, Firefox and hopefully Safari.

We can take criticism, as long as it is constructive.

7 responses

  1. Looking good Mark, looking good. I like the Big Fat RSS button!

  2. Very nice – very web2 – u spelt technology in the title tag WRONG 🙂 sorry im an Search engine optimiser – cant help it – the meta just jumps at me

  3. Thanks Rob, hopefully at least a few site visitors now what an rss feed is!

    Thanks Tris, school boy error there! Corrected.

  4. It’s great – well done! Just spelt ‘clients’ and ‘portfolio’ wrong on one of the pages.. Otherwise, very good!!!

    UPDATE: Oops. Thanks Ma, corrected already.

  5. mmm… kinda have a look to it.

  6. Gideon: Thanks for pointing that out, I had seen that site before, but i’d lost the url. We do both share common generic photoshop leave shapes and a black topbar, but that is about it. It’s impossible these days not to have something similar to someone else somewhere on the internet.

  7. LOL – yeah i know what you mean. Sometimes i don’t know if there’s any originality left… everything I see or think of makes me wonder if it hasn’t been done before. In any case – I do like it 🙂

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